One Soul in two Bodies (Huda Sha’arawi Quote)

The human starts from one. One soul in two bodies. We can’t deny one body and favour another body. As far as my spiritual level of experience is concerned, the woman is the core part of humanity. This truth has been manipulated by culture and community.” Huda Sharawi, Women Between Submission & Freedom (Huda Sha’arawi …

On this Day: June 23, 1879 | Birthday of Huda Sha’arawi

23 June 1879: Birthday of Huda Sha’arawi, Egyptian feminist and journalist (d. 1947). (Source) Huda Sha’arawi or Hoda Sha’rawi (Arabic: هدى شعراوي‎, ALA-LC: Hudá Sha‘rāwī; June 23, 1879 – December 12, 1947) was a pioneering Egyptian feminist leader, suffragette, nationalist, and founder of the Egyptian Feminist Union. (Source)

On this Day: June 23, 1894 | Birthday of Alfred Kinsey

23 June 1894: Birthday of Alfred Kinsey, American entomologist and sexologist (d. 1956) (Source) Alfred Charles Kinsey (/ˈkɪnzi/; June 23, 1894 – August 25, 1956) was an American biologist, professor of entomology and zoology, and sexologist who, in 1947, founded the Institute for Sex Research at Indiana University,[1] now known as the Kinsey Institute for …

The Washington Post – New book offers fresh details about chaos, conflicts inside Trump’s pandemic response

Wow — in the early days of the pandemic, Trump suggested sending infected Americans to Guantanamo Bay to suppress U.S. infection numbers, ⁦@yabutaleb7⁩ + ⁦@damianpaletta⁩ report in their new book. Can’t wait to read “Nightmare Scenario” — Philip Rucker (@PhilipRucker) June 21, 2021

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