Angela Merkel, who visited the flood regions in Rhineland-Palastine today, called the devastations of the flood “surreal, spooky and something what the German language nearly has no words for.” She promised Germany’s large help and support. That’s an adequate reaction! The clowning around of Armin Laschet, what you can see in the video, is not only disrespectful towards the German Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, but an impertinent slap in the face of the victims.

You could say: “50 sec. not concentrated and forgetting that cameras are around, and he apologized, so what?” But it’s not only about an inappropriate behavior during 50 seconds of a man who is not concentrated enough. It’s about empathy and seriousness. Imagining that such a superficial, immature man, who clowns around in the midst of hurt and grieving people, who lost beloved humans and their whole material existence, becoming the successor of Angela Merkel in September 2021 as German chancellor scares me a lot. How can Armin Laschet be taken seriously as chancellor?

The last years I always voted for Angela Merkel, who not only convinced me as a politician but with her whole personality. Until yet, I’m not sure who to vote for. Not voting is no option for me, because that means supporting indirectly the nationalistic AfD. Annalena Baerbock as German chancellor (The Greens) is a strong alternative. But there are a few weeks ahead, and a lot can happen in that time. (Volker Schunck)

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