29 June 1868: Birthday of George Ellery Hale, American astronomer and journalist (d. 1938) (Source)

Portrait of George Ellery Hale – The World’s Work: A History of Our Time, Volume XXV, Garden City: Doubleday, Page & Company, 1913 (Source)

George Ellery Hale (June 29, 1868 – February 21, 1938) was an American solar astronomer, best known for his discovery of magnetic fields in sunspots, and as the leader or key figure in the planning or construction of several world-leading telescopes; namely, the 40-inch refracting telescope at Yerkes Observatory, 60-inch Hale reflecting telescope at Mount Wilson Observatory, 100-inch Hooker reflecting telescope at Mount Wilson, and the 200-inch Hale reflecting telescope at Palomar Observatory.[2] He also played a key role in the foundation of the International Union for Cooperation in Solar Research and the National Research Council, and in developing the California Institute of Technology into a leading research university. (Source)

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