I reported on my bad experiences and difficulties to get an appointment for a vaccination in Dresden before: The always busy telephone lines and the mission impossible to get an appointment via internet. Parallel I have been on the list of my family doctor since longer than a month. I envied countries like Israel and the roll- up-your-sleeves mentality of the USA.

Finally I got an appointment for this day. And to be fair, I have to admit that the whole atmosphere in the vaccination center of the Red Cross, supported by soldiers of the Bundeswehr (German armed forces) was very relaxed and professional. The whole procedure was performed with a great routine like a clockwork. We were directed through different stations in the great halls of the Messe Dresden. In the end I sat in one of those numbered boxes with a female doctor and a nurse. After a consultation and my signature I got an injection of AstraZeneca in my left upper arm which was more a tickle than a pain. I hardly sensed it.

Then I had to wait with many others for 15 minutes because of possible side effects, but nothing happened. At the moment I feel a little tired, the puncture side doesn’t hurt. The doctor informed me about possible side effects like fever, headache and pain in the limbs. But until now everything is fine. The 2nd vaccination is mid August. In a fortnight I’m protected with AstraZeneca against Covid to 75 % – and that’s something!


One day after my vaccination I had some minor side effects:

  • I had little, hardly recognizable headaches, like you have detoxing of Coffee (caffeine).
  • The punctuation place of the injection started to hurt, similar to muscle soreness.
  • I felt terribly weak and exhausted like being ill from flu, a sign that the vaccination took effect.

I didn’t need any painkiller but treated the skin around the injection with Tiger balm. I took care to have enough liquid, rested and slept a lot. Today, 3 days after the vaccination, this weakness is nearly gone.

These are my personal remedies as a layman and not supposed to be general medical advice.

(Volker Schunck)

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