At the beginning of the week I talked the whole vaccination thing over with my family doctor, and he offered me an appointment for vaccination for today. Now I’m two times vaccinated with AstraZeneca. You know I would have preferred a second vaccination with Pfizer / BioNtech as the Stiko recommends, but there are different opinions about that. The WHO advises against mixing vaccinations.

Anyway, my family doctor guessed, that we certainly will make a third vaccination in the nearer future with an mRNA vaccine to be better protected against the Delta-variant. With my completed vaccination, I look forward to having a normal life again. Here in Saxony the duty to wear a mask in stores will be dispensed with Friday, and hopefully when enough people get vaccinated, we can avoid a fourth wave in autumn. All the best and stay healthy! Yours Volker (Volker Schunck)


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