When Jesus wanted to show his female and male disciples what true greatness was, he placed a child in their midst: “Look, if you don’t become like this child here, you can’t recognize God.
Believing like a child. Believing like Jesus. Jesus who carefree trusts in God, like a child in its parents. And God finds a place in his heart, that is free and open for him.
Lately I often talked with people about faith in God. Not very successfully, how I suppose. This is due to the bible meanwhile has becoming totally unknown to the people.
I offer you with “Jesus – blue eyes, white heart” to get to know Jesus.
Who was Jesus, what was his motivation, how was his relation to his next, how was his relation to God, what did he preach?

Let yourself be touched by the simple language of the Gospel of Mark. Get to know the parables of Jesus as they are told by the Gospel of Luke. There is nothing what would be dry and boring. Quite the contrary. The stories are down-to-earth and honest. They draw a picture of the religious Jew Jesus who swims against the mainstream of Jewish religiousness at his time.
If you get involved with him and his sermons, you will realize how up-to-date his message is, because it is timeless: “Love God and your Next like your Self.”, “Money can’t buy you happiness.”, “Don’t worry, for God worries for you.”, “Your life is precious.”
At the end of the book you find a creed by me, and I explain how I understand the Christian faith. (Volker Schunck)

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