That’s it!

To this conclusion came many who had seen the man with the crown of thorns on the way to the scaffold. Then, when there on the Skull Mountain the hammer blows resound in the dark night, so as if you nail up a coffin, the fate of God’s Servant seems to be sealed permanently and irrevocably.

Why, already again, must the just man suffer? Already again meritocracy victimizes one of their best. Already again an artist is misunderstood. – A human, no, the Human is executed. The society was not yet ripe for Jesus. Is it ripe today? Never ever! The visible world comes apart at the seams, seldom it has a clue of the invisible God. One makes excuses and blames God in whom one anymore believes.

But the end of Jesus is just the beginning. Jesus, who had at the end even doubts about the presence of God – my God, my God, why has you forsaken me – has gone his way to the bitter end. He didn’t run away to hide in some cave, he also didn’t back down and revoke. No, as one lift a white flag, he struggled to the end with sweat and blood and tears in Gethsemane for: God is good, just and true. And God, whom we cannot understand in his depths, wakened his suffering servant, his son, against all expectations, from death to life.

We celebrate on Ascension Day, that Jesus is back where he belongs. A man of flesh and blood, with heavenly roots, God’s Son, God’s Daughter, God’s Human, is at his goal.

“Everyone listens: Repent, God is near. Change your hearts and make them far like the horizon and deep like the ocean, for only a loving heart can recognize God.” (Volker Schunck)

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