Here they now are, the girlfriends and friends of Jesus. The encounters of the women with the empty grave, the Risen One bodily in the circle of the disciples, travel and meal of the disciples of Emmaus with the Risen One, and much more what transcends thinking and understanding, lay behind them. Troubled times.

The view of Jesus’ girlfriends and friends on reality has changed by their experiences with Jesus.

Through Jesus they learned, God is not dusty past and religious routine, but God is there where Jesus is. God is present in him. And now? It must appear to the disciples, as if God had Jesus taken away from them. God, who indeed raised Jesus from death in the dimension of eternity,

leaves them back alone. Just as it may appear to everyone who loses a loved one. But Jesus is not out of the world.

I don’t write “Jesus was not out of the world”, as if I’m talking about something in the past. No, I write “Jesus is not out of the world”, because I belong to it today, like everybody else, who follows Jesus, and I’am standing in the midst between the disciples then. Jesus is that real and present, that you can tell about him only in the present. Therefore, namely because Jesus is in eternity, so to speak from the highest level (“at the right hand of God”), from heaven, with his disciples.

But this heaven is not only “up in the sky”, but this Heaven is there where Jesus is. There where humans open their hearts to God’s Spirit and to his liberating love, he moves in with joy. He plants love, joy, peace, freedom, kindness, patience, non-violence, kindness and loyalty like seeds in the hearts of the humans, who believe in him. We are not alone, Jesus is in our midst.

And Jesus is there, where humans are humans for each other. Where humans look beyond their own

noses, because love has expanded their horizons. What we do for the poorest, we do for Jesus. What

we do to the poorest, we do to Jesus (Mt 25:40).

[…] above all

get to know yourself and God in silence you are like

your next

who still don’t know God care about the poor receive

the persecuted

aren’t you yourself refugees in consumption society

fight for all

who cannot fight for themselves love all

who cannot love themselves live like children in the


be grateful for every day but do know

time is short

the task is noble and difficult it requires

utmost effort and surrender and cannot be achieved

but be of good cheer and rejoice God is near

and now I will leave you to be always in your midst

(Volker Schunck)

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